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From back in the dark ages:

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, April 9, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

Closing his eyes, he can still remember everything -

Sight - Trust, desire, and yes, love reflected in another's eyes
Sound - Words, confessions, secrets long kept silent
Scent - Familiar, identifiable now given new notes by passion
Taste and Touch - Salty tang of skin, and the feeling of it sliding against his own

Before he drifted off, though the realization - "This is a dream, isn't it?"
Stranger's voice, answering from the shadows, tall, amused and pale.
"Something that was not, is not, and never can be. But that is why it matters. Why you must remember."

He always would.

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, April 16, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

One For The Planteary Guide
Inspired in part by JLA/Planetary: Terra Occulta

“You trust your contact to bring you back through the portal?”

“I think it safe to say I would trust him with my life.”

On cue, a golden shimmer of light flickered on, framing the reflection of a glass walled office where a compact, white suited figure stood, a mixture of worry and relief in his eyes as he extended one black gloved hand. With a grateful smile, Clark grasped the offered hand in his, and stepped through. The light went out.

“Weird, Elijah – his contact looked kind of like you. Except for being bald, of course.”

“Shut it, Jakita.”

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, April 23, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

Variation On A Theme

“So if you’d kissed me, I’d have forgotten everything?”

“I need focus and contact. It doesn’t have to be a kiss.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“I caused a lot of harm with it, once, and I decided never to use it again.”

“But you could confound criminals and villains. Maybe if you kissed Luthor, he’d forget to be evil.”

He remembers the way the sun was shining that summer day, the warmth of the hand in his - and the cold knot in his stomach when he realized what destiny and duty would require.

“What makes you think I didn’t?”

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, April 30, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

Portrait and Stone
It’s fitting that she’s pictured in front of the mansion. She’d inspired him to bring it to Kansas, stone by stone. It was characteristic of the qualities that had attracted him from the beginning. Lillian wasn’t the most beautiful nor even the most intelligent woman he’d known, but she had ambition, vision, and an uncanny ability to understand him.

It had been a monument to their future. Before the meteor shower scarred their first son. Before death claimed their second. Before the affairs, the bastards, before the illness that killed her. It never felt like home once she was gone.

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, May 7, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

A Conversation Between President Luthor and Talia Head, Acting CEO of Lexcorp
arbiter \AHR-buh-tuhr\, noun:
1. A person appointed, or chosen, by parties to determine a controversy between them.
2. Any person who has the power of judging and determining.

“Lexcorp secured patents on the material. However, there may be concerns regarding possible weapons applications. I’ll need to arrange damage control.”

“Whatever it takes to ensure the alien doesn’t ruin everything. You’ll handle it, so long as your control your sympathy for the Detective.”

“I don’t let emotions interfere with business. But you - it’s beyond rivalry, you’re obsessed with the Icon. The two of you need an arbiter for your private little war. There’s an explanation for such virulence, and if I didn’t know better, I’d think. . .”

“But you’d know better than to mention it.”

“Of course.”

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, May 14, 2003 on [ profile] wednesday100

The Long Goodbye

“You’re late.”

“You’re fortunate I’m here at all. Why the secret meeting? ”

“How long have we been enemies? Five decades? Seems like forever... ”

“I’ve sworn to protect this earth, and I’ll oppose you as long as you endanger it.”

“You won’t have to for much longer. Age, it seems, has caught me at last - even Lexcorp technology can’t help.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

“Funny thing, though - the most recent surgery has broken a memory block. Apparently, I’ve been subject to selective amnesia regarding certain past events.”


“So, care to explain yourself - Clark Kent?”

NB: After this, I'll be gone for several months, but I wanted to thank everyone in this community for the great ideas and the great writing. Hope to see more when I get back -
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