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Still long ago and far away:

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, October 3, 2003 in [ profile] wednesday100

The Game's Afoot
NB: I won't get to see the new episode for some time, so please excuse any inaccuracies or continuity errors. That said -

Word came that the airplane had disappeared off radar; he ignored it as an opening gambit. News of the watery crash followed; he changed his last will and testament. Helen Bryce returned with her tale of tragic heroism; he dismissed her as unworthy of a place on the board. Standing in the graveyard with the marble monument before him, he knew it had barely begun. The funeral is over, and now the game begins in earnest. He waits for the next move.

After all, Luthors are not quite so easy to kill. And despite everything, his son is a Luthor.

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Until The End
“Remind me why I’m buying this island.”

“Lexcorp is the sole organization with sufficient resources to oppose its purchase by Wayne Industries. It is the last viable site for a Lazarus Pit, and of great value to my father.”

“So I buy it, turn it over, and in return I get?”

“Eternity. Its restorative and regenerative capacity makes the pit a literal fountain of youth. Extended exposure to solar energy has rendered the Kryptonian ageless, near immortal.”

“I understand.”

“Give him thirty years, maybe forty and he’ll outlive them all - his parents, his friends, his wife…”

“Everyone, except me.”

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Always Coming Home
“Family is the power to wrestle giants. Family is the pain that leaves us fragile as glass.”

He’d never had a family. Family was trust, belonging, and safety - not found amidst an absent father, an ailing mother and ever-changing household. He learned to trust no one, keep his distance, and embrace the lie.

Again and again, he sought what he’d never had – though multiple marriages, myriad lovers, and countless alliances. Each time betrayed. Even the finest family he knew, one he sought to join, was disloyal - broken by destiny. And from this would come both pain and power.

(Quote from Action Comics #773, as spoken by Lex Luthor)

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, October 24, 2003 in [ profile] wednesday100

Music used was a selection of various songs by Peter Gabriel, including Red Rain and Digging In The Dirt

This Time, You've Gone Too Far -

Metropolis is burning. Her favorite sons are at odds, for perhaps the last time.

“This ends, here. You can’t have intended to cause such devastation.”

“Sometimes there are unintended consequences, it can’t be helped.”

“Can’t we stop this war?”

“Don’t be absurd. Confrontation was inevitable, from that moment on Loeb Bridge.”

“I never wanted to be your enemy.”

“Yet you also wanted a to be a hero. You had to choose.”

“And you?”

“Once, I wanted other things, but I also chose. I can’t fight destiny any longer. I will do what I must, and so will you. ”

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Rao Made Us
“Truly, it would only be perfectly beautiful, a perfect piece of art, if one single life-form escaped. To remember, to mourn, to despair.”

“Yes, lady.”

Elements of his creation were ordained from the beginning. Leaving an inherently unstable planet, he carried hope, but also despair. His public actions brought peace and justice to the entire world, but his private life was marked by struggle and loss - a series of departures, as he sacrificed the love of friends and family for the greater good. In this, his legend bears imprint of the Endless - and perhaps that is his tragedy.

(Quote from The Sandman: Endless Nights, Chapter 3, as spoken by Despair and Rao.)

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, November 5, 2003 in [ profile] wednesday100

Ways To Forgiveness
A century on, everything’s changed. He’s retired and runs a bar for meta-humans in Gotham. No one remembers the Golden Age. He goes back every year to see them. He brings flowers. A familiar figure is waiting at her grave. White orchids, he’d forgotten.

“Time took everyone else, but it never seems to touch you. How’d you manage?”

“Good friends, and the Lazarus pit.”

“So, why are you here?”

“To call a truce. You’re no longer a hero, and I’m done with doing great things. I’d like your forgiveness, if that’s possible.”

A black-gloved had is extended. He takes it.

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, November 14, 2003 in [ profile] wednesday100

History teaches us that life is a balance. An accident of birth, and you are born to a world filled with wealth and privilege, but empty of warmth and affection. An unparalleled education grants you knowledge, but takes your ability to trust. You find the great love of your life, and you realize that it will always be based on lies and betrayal. For every gift we receive, there is always a price.

Holding your newborn son, you know that nothing in life will be safe or easy again. But it is a small price, and one you’d gladly pay.

Posted as [ profile] serenissima, November 21, 2003 in [ profile] wednesday100

Faster than a speeding bullet –

The world alters in an instant, before you can think, before you can breathe.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound -

In that moment you are tested, you learn the truth about yourself.

Look, up in the sky!

All your strength, powers and courage mean nothing when it matters the most.

It's a bird!

Every action, every rescue, every life thereafter is an apology, a penance, and a prayer.

It's a plane!

For your failure, for the soul you did not save, and for the hope – that destiny can still be changed
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