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Birthdate:Sep 5
One of those cast beyond the garden wall. An eclectic assortment of interests and issues, with a range of friends to match

Nota Bene: serenissima is the same individual as killalla, and if you know me or have read my work in one guise, you're welcome to come and find me in the other. To clarify, this was the first livejournal I kept, it was the name that I began writing under. When I moved from San Francisco back to Oxford, I drew a line under it and started the new journal as one that I could use to communicate with friends, and I used this journal mainly for fic. I've since begun to write under my new name as well, as I've wanted to post in communities where I'm active, but I have and will continue to use this identify for challenges and ficathons.

I shall leave my musings from the San Francisco years unchanged, but I will no longer post fic, or indeed much of anything here, unless or until I go back to the USA. If that's not confusing enough, I've decided to consolidate all my fic in a third journal, venetianarchive, although I'll clearly identify which nom de plume I was using at the time.
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